Adding Variety to Your Maternity Photos

It’s been said that variety will be the spice of life, and I believe this certainly relates to maternity photography. How many times have you seen the conventional hands-clasped-over-belly photo? It’s a classic to make certain, and it’s really certainly stood quality of energy, but photography is a creative field, as there are lots of space for further variety when it comes to maternity photography….in the end, writers don’t limit themselves to one pair of words or phrases, so just why should photographers?

When talking about variety, the initial area that comes to mind is poses – the world’s your oyster in relation to creative, interesting poses (although comfort and ability from the mom-to-be to find yourself in certain pose is often a factor that must be considered.) Try to think of your model’s interests: is she a yoga enthusiast? Yoga poses can convey feeling of strength, tranquility or inner peace. Is she a jogger or biker? Poses that accentuate the strong type of her legs along with her belly can be provocative and eye-catching. Use your imagination and take time must questions and gather her input and I can assure you you will come up with interesting and exciting alternatives to the conventional hands-clasped-over-belly pose.

Another area that seems to be untapped could be the usage of colors. While white and black and sepia are classics, and really should definitely be a part of your repertoire, it does not hurt to push the boundaries a lttle bit. Chances are that being a photographer you’re accustomed to seeing more ladies with colorful tattoos: Why not utilize these bright colors and incorporate them into matching or contrasting backgrounds that attract a person’s eye and offer added excitement? Do she and her partner have matching tattoos? Use them to construct an exilerating, unexpected image. You can use colorful fabrics or components of clothing; interesting paintings or posters, or even colorful only limit is the imagination.

Don’t be worried to allow your model express her sensuality in their own maternity photos. This is an exciting and emotional time in their life, and she’ll want images that capture her beauty and her sensual nature. Tasteful, artistic nude or partial nude shots may be done in monochrome or sepia for any very artistic and classic look. The key is ensuring that your model is comfortable, because as you understand, anything done from her safe place will appear awkward and forced, so speak about it to her, and do not forget to start out slowly and build up to nude or partial nude as the model warms as much as it. Having her partner present as well as involved my help, as well.

Another method to add variety could possibly be to have some maternity photos at an earlier stage in their own pregnancy. Consider that at around 5 months she’s beginning to show and glow since the baby bump develops as well as the radiance and excitement that she feels have become evident. Photos during this period will surely capture her feeling of joy and anticipation. Another advantage is that at earlier stages she can more easily enter a variety of poses, so that you defintely won’t be as physically limited. Many women enjoy ‘documenting’ their stages by a little bit of shots each month or two. This is often a good way to allow them to have a very visual record of their pregnancy, and something that she’ll enjoy showing her child as time goes on.

Let’s take into account our good friend Photoshop: What about creating a drawing with thin or thick lines in monochrome or sepia? Try color crayons or find edges – you may see that using gradient maps with bursts of colors will often excite perhaps the most conservative model.

Keep some if these ideas in mind if you are planning or doing all your next maternity photo shoot, and find out if they don’t help spur your creativity! No matter what we take into consideration maternity photography alternatives, show your model the options, but let her choose.